I.P.T.M On-Site Training Programs


On-site HB I.P.T.M (International Pilates Training Method) offers on-site training at your center or studio.

The HB I.P.T.M System combines the principles of modern exercise, including international trainers, expert lecturers, doctors, and contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and athletic performance development. HB I.P.T.M exercises are designed to restore the spine and rebalancing the muscles around the joint, natural curves. Further preparatory work and changes are prepared for many different body types and abilities.

Creating a lesson is quite easy. Determine the courses you want to give and call us. We will help you determine the date, choose the right instructor and even publish the course you have opened on Education Finder®.

Courses can be "open" or "closed". Open courses are published and open to general access. Closed courses are not published and are for your students only.

Course fees can be paid by your students during registration, or directly by your fitness center or studio.

When you start or expand training programs, we can prepare special equipment and training programs for your needs.

Included in each mobile price *:

1. Tutor fee

2. Instructor travel, accommodation, food and small expenses

3. Marketing assistance

4. Taking part in

5. Graduates of the course are entitled to a discount in HB ACADEMY activities and (other training programs).

HB courses are designed to provide you and your staff with all the training and support services you need for a successful program.

* Training manuals are free.

Haydar Budak