Education Rules


HB Academy evaluating international certificate of management systems Since 2004, people, institutions and organizations around the world certification services within the framework of Haydar BUDAK in Turkey, 'the benefits of the established management system and continuous development and maximize creating a stable system to help our customers in the fitness industry through international expansion, international establishment and adoption by instructors, in Turkey and has become the only training organization with an emphasis on the system.

* If you cannot join the program for any reason after registering and starting the program, no refund will be made as the quota is blocked.

* HB Pilates Instıtute training program consists of Pilates Reformer, Matwork, Apparatus, Prop, Pregnancy pilates, Rehabilitation pilates departments. Theoretical training programs are held on specified dates.

* The participant knows that if he / she does not attend the training for any reason, he / she will pay the training fee and must come to the training on time. If it is late, the Instructor or the Training Officer who gives the training has the right not to receive training. In addition, if the participant leaves the training area before the training ends, his training is considered invalid and he has to take this training again.

* The participant knows that when he / she cannot attend any training for any reason, he / she will pay the training fee.

* The start and end times of the trainings start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00.

*HB Education has the right to change the place and date of education within the boundaries of the city, by informing 24 hours in advance.

* HB Education reserves the right (without changing the content) to change the date and the instructor in the program if necessary.

* HB Education only uses the website and Facebook address to make its notifications. There is no notification via phone, call, e-mail and sms.

* When the participant behaves in an attitude that will disturb other participants, prevent their participation in the lesson, and disrupt the course, the right to attend the training depends on the decision of HB Education.

* The trainers are obliged to attend the training update (upgrade) held in November every year after completing the training program.

* The trainers are obliged to attend the training update (upgrade) held in November every year after completing the training program. After the training of the trainees, before the next training, 30 hours of practice and 20 minutes of video must be taken with System exercises for each program. Trainees who have not completed these must return their documents.

The trainer knows that there is a continuing education system and knows that by completing the entire training program, he will attend the development seminar and have annual visa procedures, otherwise they will know that their documents will be canceled.


* The participant must complete his / her right to take two separate exams for the application and written within 80 days from the end of the training. If he / she does not pass the exams or fails to take advantage of these rights, he has to pay 50 euro (150 Turkish Liras) within the framework of HB ESFA National and International Education rules in order to get the right to re-exam. Otherwise, the right to exam will not be granted.


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