We have prepared the FRANCHISING system for you to provide more professional and high quality service to your HB Training Studio members. It serves you with our international trainer staff for training programs. Our studio systems are recognized as a high-quality business organization and one of the best studio facilities is because their success is largely based on the superior qualities of their operators. Of course, the other factor that reinforces this success is the HB Fitness Academy training and support programs that almost no business can provide. Apart from other superior features, the basic features we expect from our operators are:

An entrepreneurial spirit and passion for success.

Especially human management, experience in sports management.

Willingness and opportunity to spend all your time and power for studio management.

Innovative and Mobility.

To participate in the training program

Continuity in the system

Adhering to the training and course format

To have the financial possibilities to meet the investments required by the business administration personally.

Investment costs vary depending on the type and size of the studio. Our franchising system consists of 3 different formats and is charged according to the format you request.

HB Training Studio licenses the management of its own developed studios. The license we grant entitles our business to operate under our name and brand.

HB Training Studio gives the management only to the person .. It cannot give companies the management. Since our operator must devote all his time and power to the operation and management of the studio, he can operate in line with the specified system.

Our operators are the operators who are always at the beginning, they are not remote managers.

HB Training Studio does not grant a district franchise, the license granted is limited to the management of only one studio.


HB Training Studio Name Right

HB Training Studio Turnkey (All Decoration and Equipment)

HB Training Studio Naming and Equipment


While our operator takes over the studio, Pilates equipment, seating groups, decor and indoor-outdoor billboards etc. Makes all the goods such as investments. In addition, the operator candidate pays 40% of the franchising fee during the signing of the license agreement and the remaining payments are deposited by the operator within the specified dates. Our operators pay a monthly development fee and royalty fee during the period of license.

One of the reasons for the success of the HB Training Studio operators is the training program they attended before obtaining a license and learned the Pilates & Personal Training system to the finest detail. This program continues throughout the year, depending on participation and performance. This full-time program usually takes place in our studios, it is also supplemented by the courses given by our head office and consists of many different phases. Our training program is provided by international trainers, and thanks to these trainings, it is ensured that you provide the best service to your members.

HB Training Studio Name Right:
……… .. TL + VAT and Monthly ………. TL (Free participation to the trainings held during the year)
HB Training Studio Name Right:
……… .. TL + VAT and Monthly ………. TL (Free participation to the trainings held during the year)


HB Training Studio Turnkey: All decoration and equipment. Free participation to the trainings held during the year. Educational support by international instructors. Pricing is made according to the square meter of the studio.


HB Training Studio Naming Right and Equipment:
1 Reformer - 1 Tower - 1 Cadillac - 1 Multi Press - 1 Adjustable Stand 10 Mat - 10 Fitballs (Big Ball) 10 Miniballs - 10 Pilates Circles ..
………… TL + VAT and Monthly ……… .. TL (Free participation to the trainings held during the year) Pricing can be made according to the request of the equipment.