Pilates Reformer



Our program teaches you how to use the Reformer to improve core strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance with your body base arm, leg.

I.P.T.M HB  PILATES Pilates Reformer series is designed for you Physical therapists, personal trainers, group trainers, reaping the fruits of Joseph Pilates work with this versatile piece of equipment.

Reformer series, three sections and advanced programs are presented to you. Reformer 1 consists of two days, reformer 2 two days, reformer 3 three days course modules.

It teaches the practical skills necessary to become expert in the practice of assessment techniques, pilates reformer exercises, motion sequences and principles of HB fit plates.

The Pilates Reformer module is an exceptionally flexible exercise equipment that incorporates every part of the body to provide endurance and support for exercises.

Our program provides comprehensive information on how to use the Reformer to improve body base, arm, leg and core strength, stability, flexibility, coordination, balance.

The HB Pilates Method offers a wide range of exercises that provide stimulating and fun work for clients of all skill levels.

Written exam and observation of the member or class session. When the student completes all the practical hours he / she is obliged to and is ready for the test, he will be able to register for the final exam announced on the training calendar.
During the exam, the student's ability to apply to the teacher will be tested:
Member security
The correct order
Fitness of the exercises to the member or class
Application of principles and elements
Visual expression and ability to communicate with the member or class
If the instructor does not pass the exam on his first attempt, HB will identify the points where the instructor should work and specify a time interval for completion.
Our curriculum complies with national and international guiding principles and is designed to prepare you for the certification exam after the completion of the entire program.


Only published course fees and guides are included in the published course fees. Other fees related to personal sessions and observation completion and student teaching hours are not included in the tuition fee and are the student's responsibility. Successful completion of the program does not guarantee job opportunities.

Exam fee: Final exam is subject to a fee.


Exam Fee will be determined according to the place where the test will be held and the number of student participation.


Comprehensive Graduation Certificate will be issued to the Instructor after all the requirements are met.


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