Pilates Chair


Moduls: Chair Level 1-2

Chair Pilates methods completes the exercise system. Each of these equipment will be included in the comprehensive Pilates method, giving you extra dimension to your customers in your private and group works.

Chair, exercises training

Comprehensive guidelines in accordance with national and international standards

Visual promotion, coaching and teaching tips for clients of different skill levels

Guiding principles for creating a program that deals with the entire Pilates system

Equipment safety


CHAIR(SANDALYE), Includes a daily course that advertises high chairs and low chairs. It is designed to teach 33 safe exercises and effectively. How will you learn?
Through theoretical lectures and discussion, when, why and how to incorporate exercises, for the best programming. This course is a prerequisite for Tier II CHAIR.
Learn the history of chairs and hardware features.
Learn and experience 30 promotions with moderate exercises.
Learn these exercises safely and effectively.
How a student using chair makes progress?
Learning how to integrate chair exercises into an exercise.
TIME 13 HOURS / Prerequisites:
Reformer 2 or equivalent course completion


Level II CHAIR Level is a one-day course based on skills and techniques. Teaching of moderate-level exercises through 30 advanced exercises in high chair and safe, effective and low chair / chair.
How will the theoretical learning chair session exercises and how smart students will progress confidence and success.
Learn the history of chairs and hardware features.
30 learning with moderate advanced chair exercises.
into the program?
This course provides extensive practice time, with trainer coaching and feedback to ensure
Teaching safely and effectively and understanding how to integrate chair exercises.
How a student using a chair should make progress.
Chair class formats and designs.
Reformer 2 or equivalent course completion (CHAIR I-II TRAINING CAN BE TAKEN THE SAME DAY) Share


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