Founded by Haydar BUDAK in 2000, with HB Pilates experience and international trainers, he signed a professional training system as I.P.T.M (International Pilates Training Method) in 2018. Since 2000, the best Pilates teaching systems have been studied and developed.

I.P.T.M provides a comprehensive foundation for teaching Pilates with Pilates, Reformer, Matwork, Apparatus, Pregnant & Postnatal, Cadillac & Trapez Table, and Comprehensive teacher training programs, while providing Pilates professionals a quick way to learn about I.P.T.M's unique and innovative approach.

Join the I.P.T.M family and start your journey into the life-changing world of Pilates.

Comprehensive Certificates

I.P.T.M® International Pilates Training Method Comprehensive Certification is a three-level modular program designed to provide the highest quality Pilates training. It is the basic level of Pilates vocational training that includes Mat, Reformer, Tower & Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and auxiliary equipment. Comprehensive Certification is the up-to-date training program with classical Pilates emphasizing Pilates as an integrated movement system as intended by Joseph Pilates.

I.P.T.M® International Pilates Training Method allows you to progress at your own pace with this program consisting of three level modules for Comprehensive Certification. Each level consists of specific modules scheduled from Friday evening to Sunday. Students can earn a certificate at each level by participating in all modules, successfully completing assessments, and submitting hours logged. To earn the I.P.T.M® Full Comprehensive Certification, you must complete all program levels and recorded hours and score a pass in all assessments.

Course Overview: Basic knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology, 20 hours of Pilates training and updated information
Module 1: (20 hours) Students are introduced to the principles, fundamentals of Pilates and the "House of Power" and the HB Pilates Module and system. Lessons focus on introductory matwork and building blocks.
Module 2: Introduction to Apparatus (20 hours) Students study reformer, Small Barrel, Barrel, Cadillac & Tower and learn about transition, marking and touch techniques.
Module 3: Beginner / Intermediate Apparatus (20 hours) Module 3 adds Pilates Chair exercises, intermediate Reformer and Barrel exercises. More advanced teaching concepts include identifying common mistakes and proper body alignment, and structuring a Pilates session.
Module 4: Teaching, Techniques and Assessments (20 hours) Students complete the Barrel exercises, practice teaching, and review all exercises. Evaluations are completed on the last day. I.P.T.M ® (International Pilates Training Method) Level 1 Certificate is awarded to trainers who pass all Level 1 assessments and complete 120 hours registered.


Course Overview: Level 1 requirements, 100 recorded practice hours are recommended to be successfully completed.
Module 1: Intermediate Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (20 hours) Students learn additional intermediate exercises, refining transitions and how to follow static and transitive body alignment.
Module 2: Chair, Barrel Teaching Technique and Assessments (20 hours) Module 2 continues to progress with intermediate Pilates exercises and builds on the skills learned at Level 1. Evaluations are completed on the last day. Instructors who have completed their registered practice for 60 hours that have passed I.P.T.M® Level 2 assessments. Level II Certificate is awarded.


Course Overview: Successful completion of Level I and II requirements.
Module 1: Level 3 Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (20 hours) This section covers teaching level 3 mat, reformer and cadillac exercises, exercise transitions and techniques.
Module 2: Advanced Chair, Barrel, Auxiliary Equipment (20 hours) This module completes level 3 exercises with auxiliary equipment and Jump board. Students also learn how to implement and program a Pilates program.
Module 3: Final Comprehensive Assessment (6 hours) This one-day assessment includes written and practical assessments. All Level III evaluation I.P.T.M and 60 trainers have completed their last recorded time ® Full Comprehensive Certificate is issu


Haydar Budak