I.P.T.M (International Pilates Training Method) by evaluating international education systems, individuals, institutions and organizations; closely following the recent developments in the world to provide better service to you by Haydar BUDAK was established in Turkey.

Our target; Pilates is designed to help trainers and trainee candidates with the support of international organizations and trainers, our evaluator team and professional training staff, by creating a system determined to help our customers maximize through expansion in the education sector, to increase efficiency in training with expert trainer staff.

I.P.T.M Turkey consists of attentive and passionate International trainers with a wide variety of backgrounds.

It allows you to offer different types of course programs for your members with a rich variety of experience from the instructors.

Our curriculum; It is designed to make traditional teaching safe, effective and fun.

In Turkey, the company is located and shall act in accordance with the objectives of our customers as directed by the Haydar Budak. With the education system provided by our international suppliers at world standards, it acts jointly with the education format created by itself.

HB ESFA Fitness Academy; under the general supervision of HB ESFA rules, including annual renewals, material updates, quality assurance and communication services with Training Services personnel, approving assessment and training provider practices, editing the content of training materials and continuing training courses, seminars and academy training programs and continuing education system develops.

International education providers act by defining the system according to HB ESFA rules.