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I Bilen HOCAOĞLU, hello to you, dear sports professionals, our readers who care about their health and quality of life. I will be happy to share with you, our special readers, evidence-based scientific knowledge and practical principles of this information on subjects such as Athletic Performance, Strength and Conditioning and the effects of Sports Genes on performance and human health.

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In this first article, what comes to my mind in general and briefly is “What Is This Athletic Performance, What Is It For, Why Is It Important? “I will try to answer questions like.

First of all, if you need to go to the exit direction, ie to the base; Today, we see that developed countries prefer sports fields instead of battlefields to prove their superiority to each other.

These athletes, who are considered to be the gladiators of the modern age, have become a huge billions of dollars in the world of sports, and the success of the athletes, hence the clubs and countries, has increased even more.

For all these reasons, the limits of physical abilities, performance and the scientific knowledge that will provide this have been challenged in the last century we live in.


Sporty performance; It can be described as the sum of efforts made for success during the performance of an athletic task that needs to be done. They are divided into internal and external factors that can affect the performance positively and negatively and according to their formation sources.

Internal factors; Age, gender, anatomical structure, genetics, intelligence, state of the locomotor system, psychological balance, autonomic nervous system, functions of glands, metabolism, energy use mechanisms, state of organ systems, allergy, neuromuscular conduction velocity, cardiovascular structure are the main intrinsic factors.

External factors; are factors that affect the sportive performance through the physical or pusky component. Our influence on external factors is much greater than on internal ones. It is possible to change and improve many of them with appropriate conditions and interventions. Temperature, climate, material, audience, social environment, friendship, family, all economic components, nutrition, past injuries, doping, ergogenic help, negative words from outside, time difference, leisure time evaluation methods, sexuality, role model determination, appreciation motive, training techniques, training quality, quantity, warm-up, flexibility, trainer, rest interval, cooling down, sleep pattern and quality.

At this point, Athletic Performance, that is, a working system specific to sports emerges. It is necessary to blend general training knowledge with specialized structures, branch-specific internal and external structures. It is very, very difficult to obtain this system only within the standard team or general training periodization. It is compulsory to train the athlete / athlete in their age, gender and genetic potential, as well as macro, meso and micro training, nutrition and technical development and understanding.

In order to develop these requirements with the kinetic and kinematic aspects and biomechanical principles; You will be able to see how it integrates with systems such as skeleton-muscular, cardiovascular and endocrine in the topics I will write in the future


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