Education and Exam System


Hb ESFA (Europen Sports & Medical Fitness Academy ) ISCI (International Strength Conditionin Institute ) Accademia Italiana Wellness the training programs represent you the most detailed information and program options. You will learn to offer the most effective training to all your customers, from all age groups and health levels, to post-rehabilitation to elite athletes. HB Organizasyon ESFA (Europen Sports & Medical Fitness Academy ) with its comprehensive programs, it provides an in-depth training.

HB ESFA training and certification programs are the only institutions that implement their own education system in Turkey. For your comfort, no matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality training.

Hb Organizasyon ESFA (Europen Sports & Medical Fitness Academy ) Hb Organization ESFA (Europen Sports & Medical Fitness Academy) Training was established in 2004 and developed a national and international training and examination system. ESFA the education system is supported by international trainers, lecturers and doctors.  As a result, the HBA to fulfill the ESFA students will be issued a certificate of training as a result of conditions in Turkey. Trainers are required to attend the training seminar every year to make training updates.

Certified trainers from HB ESFA trainings offer the opportunity to find a job by making visual presentations on the web portal. Trainees must complete their education by participating in the whole section of the training. All certified instructors are required to fill in the practical charts by practicing each branch before participating in their update training.


Students must pass the written and applied exams in order to demonstrate their ability to teach once they have completed their course schedule and hours. Exams are published regularly.

The students are required to attend the entire training program. Students take part in the entire education program. Students who have completed the entire program will be able to take the test after the completion of additional hours with the whole module. There is written exam and observation of the member or class session. When the student completes all the practical hours he / she is obliged to and is ready for the test, he will be able to register for the final exam announced on the training calendar. Exam content of each certificate program is given below.



To learn health / medicine information.

To evaluate the member's expectations, preferences, motivation and readiness.

To learn lifestyle and exercise history.

To make appropriate basic measurements.



To interpret the results of the member evaluation.

To set objective, achievable targets for the member.

To determine the appropriate Program parameters.

To identify risk factors related to health.



To teach safe and effective exercise techniques.

To determine and teach strategies to increase physical activity.

Making appropriate changes in program design.

To increase your addiction with different exercise options.



Exercise physiology

Kinesiology and applied biomechanics


Motor learning / control

Nutrition and healthy eating

Weight control

Coping with stress

Basic Behavioral Sciences



Emergency principle, plan and procedure


Application area and area

Legal liability

Moral responsibilities


Written exam and observation of the member or class session. When the student completes all the practical hours he / she is obliged to and is ready for the test, he will be able to register for the final exam announced on the training calendar.
During the exam, the student's ability to apply to the teacher will be tested:
Member security
The correct order
Fitness of the exercises to the member or class
Application of principles and elements
Visual expression and ability to communicate with the member or class
If the instructor does not pass the exam on his first attempt, HB will identify the points where the instructor should work and specify a time interval for completion.
Our curriculum complies with national and international guiding principles and is designed to prepare you for the certification exam after the completion of the entire program.


Only published course fees and guides are included in the published course fees. Other fees related to personal sessions and observation completion and student teaching hours are not included in the tuition fee and are the student's responsibility. Successful completion of the program does not guarantee job opportunities.

Exam fee: Final exam is subject to a fee.


Exam Fee will be determined according to the place where the test will be held and the number of student participation.


Comprehensive Graduation Certificate will be issued to the Instructor after all the requirements are met.