HB Academy evaluating international certificate of management systems since 2000, within the framework of institutions and people to the world-certification services in Turkey was founded by Haydar Budak. HB Academy; The benefits of management systems have created a system committed to helping our customers through continuous improvement and international expansion. Have been adopted by international organizations and trainers in the fitness industry, and has become the unique training provider in Turkey who gives importance to the system.

HB Academy with the support of international organizations and trainers, its team of evaluators and professional training staff, provides training for the trainer and trainer candidates in the fitness industry. Expert on this subject Professor , Doctor , Physiotherapists, anatomist, with teaching staff and inspection team, with modules designed to increase productivity in education, training formats, in accordance with certification programs in Turkey and create their own brand in the education system.

HB ACADEMY, rules, including annual renewals, material updates, quality assurance and communication practices with training services staff, assessment and training providers have been approved. The Academy continues within the scope of its training programs, with the content of the training materials, arrangement and continuing education courses and seminars. Thereby, it continuously develops the education system.

Each major in the HB Academ, education system provides certification with a separate and different training format.