Pain Related to Daily Activities


Pain Related to Daily Activities

Our daily activities can cause muscle imbalances. It doesn't matter what your job is, it probably has a routine of repetitive activities. This causes some muscles to work more than necessary and some less than necessary. This too; It is the reason why people say "I don't know how, but I feel pain in my joints even though there is no injury."

The body is a balanced leverage system. Disrupting this balance disadvantages joints mechanically and causes them to move inadequately. Overworked muscles stretch-shorten, on the contrary, weak muscles lengthen, causing the joints to squeeze in the common area and joint irregularities. This extra wear on joints and connective tissues causes arthritis, protruding discs (hernias) and tiny fractures in the spine.

 For example, an office worker sits unevenly all day; His chin is forward, his shoulders are rounded forward, he is bent towards the computer, this person's shoulders are forward, there is pain in his waist and neck. Think about how many times you get up and sit during the day. If you're doing this the wrong way, the pressure on your spine causes many problems

This postural disorder causes a wide variety of problems; pain, pain, poor quality sleep, tissue damage, muscle atrophy and many more problems.

Simply taking medication is not enough for pain and cannot be done routinely, and unfortunately, taking medication is often like a mask, it closes the problems superficially and then exaggerates the problems and introduces new side effects.

The general exercise routine may not be suitable for everyone

Because people's lifestyles are different and their daily activities are also different.A person may have back pain due to his spine. The other may have a thoracic problem.From this it needs to be adjusted individually from the exercise.

While preparing an effective exercise program, not only the work of the person should be considered, but also daily activities and a daily routine should be taken into account. Do you know that even stretching exercises can reduce basic complaints? Exercise and stretching are linked to daily activities and benefit the person. Because if the person feels better at his job, his performance increases and he becomes more successful.

  If his job is stressful, this causes tension and pain in the neck and back. Tense muscles also trigger stress, and this vicious cycle continues. A functional program that takes these situations into account will definitely benefit your customer. Consider what they do all day, their daily repetitive positions, and prepare a program that balances all movements. Our job is always to build big muscles, not to inflate them. The important thing is to make sure your customers feel good and thus value you.

Haydar BUDAK


Haydar Budak