Pilates Matwork




Exercises, motion sequences and HB Pilates Institute teach the necessary practical skills to become experts in the practice of principles.


I.P.T.M  HB Pilates :Pilates Matwork Series designed for you!

Physical therapists, personal trainers, group trainers, reaping the fruits of Joseph Pilates's work with this versatile piece of equipment.

Matwork Series, three sections and advanced programs are offered to you,

Matwork1 (2 days) Matwork 2 (2days) The Matwork 3 (3 days) course consists of modules and teaches the practical skills necessary to become experts in the application of assessment techniques, pilates matwork exercises, motion sequences and the principles of HB Pilates Method.

PilatesMatwork is the foundation of Pilates and provides excellent body workout. The HB Pilates Institute Matwork training program is designed with modifications and variations to make the program successful for a full Pilates exercise repertoire and a wide range of customers.

We give you the power to become a creative, inspiring and professional teacher by focusing on the principles underlying the Pilates method. HB Pilates Institute proposes to switch to other Pilates methods after learning the entire matwork training system.

Matwork education system is like a structure that constitutes the main basis of Pilates method and the education system which is done without learning this method does not create enough infrastructure for the person.

Our entire education system has been prepared based on the instructions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Sports.


This two-day course teaches 20 HB Pilates Level 1 exercises and 13 HB Pre-Pilates Mat exercises. Mat exercises for beginner and intermediate levels. There are seven basic HB Pilates Matwork Principles. In the learning process, including providing a clear understanding, the basics of exercise on each mat.
Program design for matwork.
HB Matwork system and sorting for exercise group and personal training settings. In addition to the Teaching & Skills system with emphasis on Tactile & Image will be processed to deepen the teaching understanding of the instructor and further teaching skills.
Duration: 2 Days / Prerequisite:
Completion of the HB Pilates Method Principles Movement.
Observation: 15 hours, 30 hours of self-control practice and 30 hours of apprentice training is required to be completed.


This two-day course teaches 25 HB Pilates Mat exercises for intermediate and advanced levels. Seven basic Pilates Matwork Principles have been incorporated into the learning process to provide a clear understanding of the basic principles of each mat exercise.
This course also covers the programming system for the Multilevel Mat classes within the Classroom Design Group.
Duration: 2 Days / Prerequisite:
Completion of HB Pilates Institute Matwork 1.
Observation: 20 hours, 40 hours of self-control practice, and 40 hours of apprentice training are required to be completed.


Is necessary. Time between courses and before the next course to continue with the material becomes comfortable with the application allows.
Pilates Fitness is applied during the three lessons learned and by learning the following items; Beginning exercises from mat to advanced levels.
Dynamic group training.
Program design and exercise sorting.
Matwork exercise skills development.
Exercise modifications Matwork Miniball TherMatwork Fitball-Matwork Theraband - Matwork Pilates Ring-Matwork Foam Roller
25 hours of observation, 50 hours of self-mastery practice and 50 hours of apprentice training are required to be completed.


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