Why is Pilates so popular?


Actually, Pilates is the controlojimethod that JosephPilates created. The main purpose of the exercises performed when applying this method is to provide mind-body integrity. For an effective workout, focus is on correct practice of breathing and movement in each exercise. Pilates strengthens the center of the body (core region) and reduces stress by increasing balance and coordination. Because the exercises are safe and controlled, they are suitable for all ages. Pilates allows us to know our body better and we feel its benefits in our everyday life.

Pilates is used to improve everyone's health, from fitness clubs, special studios, rehabilitation centers and hospitals to people with various ailments to professional athletes. Pilates continues to facilitate the ability of the participants to move in line with the needs of the people increasing day by day.

Today, 8 out of every 10 people are under the influence of the skeletal and muscular system problem in a period of their life. The way the spinal column is not used properly, the shape of the sitting posture in which the body balance is distorted, posture disturbances, prolonged sitting in the wrong sitting positions and repeated movements; Stretching, tiredness and stress in the muscles lead to increasingly painful muscle spasms.

As a result, complaints of back, neck and waist sores are emerging. Choosing pilates exercises in this situation is an important method for increasing the quality of life and maintaining a healthy life.

Haydar Budak