Who Can Do Pilates?



Pilates is a very effective system that is based on breath awareness, based on body and mind integrity, and empowers inward and outward as the abdominal and back muscles run deep into the surface. Muscles that directly support the backbone become stronger, the postural disturbances improve, and the vertebrae form between the vertebrae. The joints are strengthened, the musculoskeletal system integrates and heals. In Pilates the body is called the "Power House", which surrounds the spine from the surface. The goal is to make the power house stronger every day with regular Pilates exercises. As a result, fitness and flexibility increase, the body begins to tighten. Even though the weight is not given, the muscles grow stronger because of the prolonged appearance, and the metabolism is accelerated

Who Can do  Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system from 7 to 70 that everyone can put into their lives. It includes exercises that can be modified according to the age of the person, any specific health condition or disability he or she is experiencing.

Of course, if an acute condition or disability exists, exercise can be started only after your doctor has been approved.

The important thing is not to do the exercises quickly or in many ways, but to apply them slowly and adequately. The aim is to discover one's own boundaries and learn to operate his body in a constantly evolving center awareness with his breathing rhythm. The person learns to listen to himself by listening carefully to the trainer during a lesson.

The everyday strengthening, stretching and tightening of the day with the Pilatesegis built in a sense of totalness brings with it an entertaining experience. Parallel to the original system of Joseph Pilates, cleverly created exercises follow each other fluently with breath awareness, giving students a fun break in the everyday life!

Pilates Benefits

3 days a week With regular pilates exercises;

-Posture (posture) to recover, the spine begins to sit naturally. The backbone is constantly stretching and stretching, so you can be confident in your position.

- Chronic waist and back pain is reduced and gradually get off in time.

- The muscles of the tongue and back strengthen at the same time, while the flexibility of the joints increases as the ability of movement increases.

-The center is strengthened both physically and emotionally because the bottommost muscles around the mother work. Physical balance increases.

-The body-mind-breath coordination develops from day to day.

- Deep breaths from the mouth as a result of the lungs of the polluted air is discharged by releasing toxins, metabolism clears and starts to accelerate. Acceleration of metabolism gives a sense of well-being.

-Regular application, according to a lot of exercise system results in a short time, abdomen and lips and tightens and waist down. The arms are elegantly shaped. Even without weight loss, it is possible to achieve a tighter look.

Haydar Budak